Hospitality & Catering

Training at LRC’s Hospitality Department prepares you for a life-long career; whether you’re planning to work in a 5* Hotel, provide food for residential care , run a local café or hope to work at a Michelin Starred restaurant.

Of course working in Hospitality isn’t just cooking, there are lots of opportunities available Front-of-House, and our training will give you all the skills you’ll need to deal with any situation in this exciting industry. We’re proud that our learners train in a real-life environments and are supported by award-winning chefs and professionals. By being part of our team you’ll learn to provide a first-class service to customers in a variety of different settings.


  • Product Development Chef
  • Waiter/Maitre d’
  • Chef
  • Bar/Restaurant Manager
  • Butcher
  • Baker
  • Catering Supervisor


Learners in this area will work in the professional kitchens learning cooking techniques and preparing food. Courses will start with an introduction to food preparation and cooking as well as restaurant service skills.
You will learn the basics of knife skills and food hygiene and will produce fish, meat, poultry and pasta dishes as well as baking, cake decorating and bread making. Alllearners will all have the chance to take part in work experience.


17-year-old Lucy studied Level 1 Hospitality & Catering at Lincolnshire Regional College and was awarded as the Hospitality & Catering Student of the Year at the Brilliance Awards 2015.

Lucy said: “I heard from my friends how good the college was and I’ve made friends with lots of the learners and the tutors since I started. The training gives you basic knowledge of the industry. We train in the kitchens at LRC and then learn about the theory side; healthy eating and the different food groups

“I was speechless when they announced I’d won the Student of the Year award at the Brilliance Awards. There were lots of other learners who deserved it too. My family were really proud.”

Lucy-Anne Smith