Contrary to popular perception, Plumbing is a very interesting and varied career. The sheer variety of work makes it impossible to list all the different careers you can go into. Plumbers work in all types of buildings , including: houses, flats, cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs, airports, aeroplanes, trains, stations, colleges, schools factories, hospitals, ships…

It’s a fact that people need water to survive, so everywhere there are people, there will be a need for Plumbers, this is why it also one of the highest earning Construction trades, it is a very skilled occupation and with UK House building set to rise by 20.2% by 2018, the demand for Construction Industry Trades is very high.


  • Domestic Plumber
  • Commercial Plumber
  • Gas Service Engineer
  • Oil Service Engineer
  • Solid Fuel Engineer


As one of our Plumbing learners you will learn about the principles of plumbing systems, the importance of water pressure, pipe-joining techniques, hot and cold water supplies and above ground drainage.
Work experience is available to all students so that learning can be put into practice and skills perfected.


“I really like being a learner at Lincolnshire Regional College, the other learners and staff are all very nice.”

“The workshops have workbenches we can use, equipment to use for bending pipes, and all the tools you need to do the job.”

Evan Dobson