Uniformed Public Services

Anyone considering a job in the Armed Forces or the emergency services should take a look at our Uniformed Public Services courses, an ideal starting block for anyone wanting to go into one of these rewarding careers that could you earning up to £55,000* in our region

Uniformed Public Courses cover all the practical and theoretical related areas you need to succeed, giving you some great insights into what life is like in the Police, Fire Brigade, Navy or Commandos. Our Uniformed Public Services Tutors will teach you everything you need to help you get a brilliant career, so set your course to Uniformed Public Services course today.


You will be challenged physically through fitness sessions and adventurous activities as well as the opportunity to study law, government and citizenship in this course.
Areas such as criminology, war and conflict and current affairs are also studied alongside the physical activities. You will improve your teamwork, fitness and leadership skills, which are essential for a career in the Armed Forces or other public services. Work experience will form a part of the course too.


  • Ambulance Crew
  • Armed Forces
  • Dog Handler
  • Police Officer
  • Prison Officer
  • Fire Fighter


Daniel has completed Level 1 Uniformed Public Services and is looking forward to Level 2 having seen his confidence soar throughout his first year. Daniel said:

“I want to go into the Forces and Lincolnshire Regional College is the closest place to where I live that offers the qualification that I wanted to do. I’ve made lots of new friends and it’s just like one big family.

“We get to go on lots of trips and actually meet people who are working in the Armed Forces. They give us lots of tips on how they got in and progressed when they were our age. When I finish Level 2 I’d like to carry on with Level 3 and then hopefully I’ll be able to sign up for the Army.”

Daniel Cooling